Sustainable Initiative

Sustainability of a garment not only comes from its production but also from its
longevity. “Schoolwear You Can Trust” is a performance and ethical commitment
to our customers that has always been a core part of Southeast Schoolwear. We do not supply supermarket quality items that need be regularly replaced, our uniform is consistent in colour, designed to last, and made to be passed on through siblings or secondhand shops. Southeast Schoolwear uniform is made to be grown out of not worn out providing sustainability and better value for parents.




Our ReNew eco-fabric is made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester yarns and is Gold standard GRS certified.

Each blazer saves on average 34 non-biodegradable PET plastic bottles from going
to landfill and displaces crude oil in the production process of the polyester for our
eco-garments. Our new for 2020 eco-polyester and sustainably sourced viscose boys
trousers will also save over 1 million plastic bottles from going to landfill each year.
From bottle to eco-garment, our 6 step process allows us all to put the planet first,
without ever sacrificing on quality, durability or comfort.

Number Of Bottles Saved From Landfill Per Eco-Garment Include: